About the Forum

This is not a trade show. Not even close.

It’s two days of pre-scheduled private appointments with buyers who’ve asked to meet you. You know exactly who you’ll meet even before you arrive. Guaranteed.

Fleet Managers Meeting

The Work Fleet Forum is a unique kind of selling event, designed specifically for you to connect with the fleet managers who have responsibility for directing their fleet-buying decisions. It’s not a trade show. It’s an intimate, private “selling retreat,” where you and your new customers talk business in a relaxed, productive setting.

At The Work Fleet Forum, you’ll walk in with a pre-arranged schedule of sales appointments and presentations with highly-qualified fleet managers and decision makers who directly impact their company’s buying selection. You will have seen a complete profile of every delegate, including precisely what they’ll be buying in the next 12-24 months.

No booths, no aisles, no hassles.
And no chance you won’t meet your best buyers.

Fleet Mangers ConferenceWe’ve eliminated the risk and uncertainty of a trade show. So instead of standing around in a booth, wondering who might wander by, you’ve got a pre-set schedule of appointments. You’ll know that your meetings will be with the largest and fastest growing fleet companies from key markets and sectors, including municipals, utilities and others.

Throughout the day you’ll present to buyers, and in the evening, you’ll enjoy dinner, drinks, and lively social activities in the casual company of your new business colleagues.

It Works.

We’re proud to say our past Work Fleet Forum events have generated millions of dollars in sales for our clients. Sales that our customers tell us they can trace back directly to the conversations they had at The Forum. Of course, as they say in the ads, past performance is no guarantee of future results, and your mileage may vary. But if you just think about this method versus what you’re probably doing now, it’s pretty clear that The Forum is a better way. Finding the right buyers and getting in front of them is what selling is all about, and that’s exactly what happens at The Forum.

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