Why Attend?

Connect with the best ideas, the newest solutions and the brightest minds all in one location.

The Work Fleet Forum is a unique opportunity to network with fellow top fleet managers. It’s where you can share, learn and source new ideas, better methods and new solutions for your business. And, if you’re a qualified fleet manager, you attend at no cost – we even provide 100% of your airfare, hotel and meals.


Every Minute is Time Well-Spent

Your time at Work Fleet Forum isn’t like time at any other event. It’s more productive, more valuable, and more fun than time at a typical industry show.

Time for Connections

You’ll have the opportunity to meet casually with fleet managers and suppliers, one-on-one, to learn from your peers, discover new products and solutions and enhance your own career network in the fleet industry. You’ll join in small group discussions, ask questions at roundtables, and be part of conversations with colleagues and vendors that go on into the night at our relaxed evening events.

Strategic Sourcing Done in Two Days

Don’t field a year of vendor phone calls. See the latest technology solutions for driver safety, vehicle inspections, record-keeping, as well as the in truck vehicle up-fits, GPS, warning lights and more, all in one swoop. You can compare vendors to find what’s right for you, and share notes with other fleets, too, to see what they recommend.


Unique Format

The Forum takes place in an intimate environment that’s both productive and relaxed. Unlike a harried trade show, you’re free of noise and distractions. No one will grab you by the lapels or shove trinkets at you. You have time, in group meetings, one-on-one appointments as well as meals and events, to really roll up your sleeves and talk about what’s working – and what’s not – in the fleet business today.

  • You’ll get expert information from leading speakers and authorities.
  • You’ll network and share experiences with dozens of fleet colleagues.
  • You will have up-close meetings with select vendors for detailed answers and product comparisons. It’s a schedule of events that you build, based on who you want to meet, so it’s always tailored to your needs.