Why Attend

Connect with the best ideas, the newest solutions and the brightest minds all in one location.

The Work Fleet Forum is a unique opportunity to network with fellow top fleet managers. It’s where you can share, learn and source new ideas, better methods and new solutions for your business. And, if you’re a qualified fleet manager, you attend at no cost – we even provide 100% of your airfare, hotel and meals.

The Forum takes place in an intimate environment that’s both productive and relaxed. Unlike a harried trade show, you’re free of noise and distractions. No one will grab you by the lapels or shove trinkets at you. You have time, in group meetings, one-on-one appointments as well as meals and events, to really roll up your sleeves and talk about what’s working – and what’s not – in the fleet business today.

  • You’ll get expert information from leading speakers and authorities.
  • You’ll network and share experiences with dozens of fleet colleagues.
  • You will have up-close meetings with select vendors for detailed answers and product comparisons. It’s a schedule of events that you build, based on who you want to meet, so it’s always tailored to your needs.


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